Why expert civil engineering design is key to reshaping the UK’s power and energy landscape

Dedication, expertise and sector-specific experience will ensure the delivery of the UK’s most important power and energy goals.

Britain’s power and energy sector is set for a period of increased activity, with challenges to overcome, as the UK moves towards net zero and switches to new sources of energy. The Government estimates that “around £100bn of private investment will be forthcoming into the UK’s energy revolution”. As well as renewable energy generation, projects will include electric vehicle (EV) charging, heat networks and energy storage systems. The new smart grid the UK is constructing will also see an estimated £30bn in national investment.

Civil support for successful project delivery

Civil engineering will underpin many of these projects. The required designs will often be extensive and complex, needing to deliver robust and compliant solutions to a wide range of problems using the most cost-effective approach available.

To avoid delay or cost overrun in these ambitious and innovative programmes, those involved will inevitably lean heavily on their civil engineering partners. Whether a project is at the stage of tender, initial design or detailed design, consultants who are experienced specialists in the power and energy sector will be vital in mitigating risk and ensuring consistent and first-rate outcomes.

I am looking for the consultant to bring experience in the areas that I work in. WCS has expertise in areas that are relevant to me. I trust them.”

Theo Mantzioros, Head of Systems Design, UKPNS

Find out how we can support you to deliver net zero

We’re proud to support the projects that are powering the UK’s transition to renewable energy. Our partners trust us to provide expert civil engineering design support built on a breadth of experience across the power and energy sector.

In this booklet, you’ll find a selection of case studies demonstrating how Whitfield Consulting Services (WCS) can provide specialist civil design support at every stage of a project.


  • Onshore civil engineering design for the world’s biggest offshore wind farm, Dogger Bank
  • Powering the decommissioning of a nuclear facility, Wylfa Nuclear Power Station
  • Providing electricity for an entire new community of 6000 homes, Welborne Garden Village
  • Enabling an innovative and self-powering EV fleet, SELCHP and Westminster City Council
  • Supporting the UK‘s net zero programme by enabling the installation of solar PV, Companies House

Are you also working to transform the UK energy network? Read our guide to learn how our expert support can help you successfully deliver your next project.

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