2021 has already been one of growth and success for Whitfield Consulting Services, and we know that what we achieve, we achieve together as a team. The last two years has reminded us all what a precious thing the freedom to socialise is, so it was great to get together last month and head out en masse for our end-of-summer social 2021.

Relaxing on a boat trip along a picturesque stretch of the Thames allowed the WCS team to catch up away from our work, and with some expert helmspersonship from among the crew, we made it safely back on to dry land for some great food and conversation that lasted long into the night.

A very happy day was had by all. And while these memories may not keep us warm on the freezing cold, early morning site visits to come this winter, they can at least make us smile beneath our masks.

Thank you everyone! We’re looking forward to planning Christmas…