Today we are pleased to announce that we’re changing our name from Whitfield Construction Services to Whitfield Consulting Services. The familiar abbreviation ‘WCS’ remains unchanged so many of you will continue to use that.

From today you may also notice that we’ve refreshed our branding, bringing a new ‘look’ to our identity across all our communication channels, including our website, our LinkedIn presence and our emails.

Our website and email addresses will change from today, but don’t worry, even if you use our old address your emails will still reach us.

A new name

Why have we changed our name? As civil engineers, we do not undertake the physical construction or building operations of a project; our business provides design and consultancy services. So the ‘Consulting’ part of the new name reflects much more accurately what we actually do. It’s a small but significant change as we think it’s important to clearly communicate exactly what we offer.

We’ve decided to act now because as a company we’re growing fast and, increasingly, we’re involved with new clients and new sectors, so it’s important that our name clearly represents the services and expertise we offer now, and into the future.

A new look

We’re also excited because we’ve used our name change as an opportunity to refresh our branding at the same time. We’ve introduced a new brand identity and fresh colours, relaunched our website under a new name ( and brought some new imagery to our web presence.

We’re recognisably still the same company; in fact we liked our ‘old’ logo so much that we decided to evolve it rather than ditch it. We’ve introduced new colours but kept the same format for most of our communications, including our website. We think the new look brings a vibrancy that feels fresh yet still familiar with the same user-friendly browsing experience. We hope you agree.

New but familiar

Founder and Managing Director Asa Whitfield explains the rationale behind the change. “With our recent growth, we feel this evolution of our name and brand more accurately reflects who we are now, and provides greater clarity for our clients as we move forward as a substantially larger company.”

“If you know us, rest assured – we’re still the same company, with the same experienced engineers you work with now. And, if you don’t know us, we hope you will join us as we embark on the next stage of our journey.”

“Despite the change, the name of our limited company behind the brand remains the same – Whitfield Civil Engineering Ltd – so all the legal stuff carries on unchanged in the background.”

The details

From 9 May 2023 the new contact details for Whitfield Consulting Services will be:

For more information, find us at