As part of our CSR Whitfield Consulting Services has decided to partner with MicroLoan Foundation.

The charity wants to see a world where all those living in poverty have the opportunity to build better lives for themselves and their families. MicroLoan Foundation works in Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe and provides small loans, training, mentoring and on-going support to some of the most vulnerable women in sub-Saharan Africa. These women use these resources to start their own business.

From the outset these women can earn a small income and over time they can expand their activities to take advantage of further opportunities. with a regular income they are able to provide the basics for their families – food, shelter and medicine.

Since 2002 the charity has provided over 243,000 women with loans and this has helped an estimated 972,000 children.

Through supporting MicroLoan Whitfield Consulting Services will be contributing to the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals 1 (No Poverty) 2 (Zero Hunger) and 5 (Gender Equality)

We have partnered with the charity because we support their mission. Throughout the year our team will be joining #TeamMicroLoan by participating in a variety of events, challenges and volunteering opportunities. We’ll be posting updates from the charity and our partnership on this page so you can keep informed.