WCS is proud of our strong and diverse team. Here we look at some of the ways that this diversity of background positively impacts the way we work and the benefits this brings our clients.

The WCS approach to recruitment

Engineering is a field in which specialised training is required before embarking on a professional career. But space still exists for companies to decide their own approach to completing their team. If there was a mantra to recruitment at WCS it would be “choose the right person for the role, rather than looking for the perfect qualifications”.

“We don’t pick a new member of the team on a box-ticking basis,” commented HR Manager Julie Leach. “We want the best candidate in all cases, and we are very focused on the fact that the individual matters as much as any other aspect. If a good, young engineer has the collaborative, proactive attitude we want, we will support them in whatever way needed. And if the right school-leaver wants to combine work here with an apprenticeship that will develop their professional status, that’s a great option too.”

An open mind brings a diversity of diversities

It’s important to keep an open mind about the potential an individual can bring to the team. Dallan McKenna, one of the WCS CAD Technicians who works in our Northern Ireland office, commented: “I had an engineering qualification and CAD experience, but no civil engineering previously. I was offered several positions, but chose WCS, despite the challenging learning involved, because I felt that Dave [WCS CAD/BIM Manager David Crumley] was hiring me for me, the individual.”

“The key point for us, as always, is added value”, continued Julie. “We’ll invest in our people, and are always interested in the chance to add something fresh to the team.” WCS made the strategic decision to open an office in the north of Ireland, due to there being an untapped source of technical talent there. The Armagh team includes CAD Technician Monzila Chowdhury, who trained originally as an architect in Bangladesh.

What does this diversity bring?

Our wider CAD team also includes CAD Engineer Tomasz Jastrzab, who trained as an engineer in Poland. Tomasz expanded: “In the UK, engineers and CAD operatives have different training routes and are different fields, but in Poland, when undertaking a Bachelors or Masters’ Degree in Engineering, CAD skills will be required. To me, Computer Aided Design is the part of engineering for which I have the most interest and aptitude. Everyone brings something different to the table, and I think my engineering training means I can offer a different perspective to someone who trained in the UK way, purely in CAD.”

Dallan, whose technical training was followed by a career as a teacher, added: “I haven’t been at WCS for all that long, but already, I’ve found that I have something additional to offer in areas connected with training. We use different CAD tools here, but the primary one probably is MicroStation. New people here might have good CAD experience, but perhaps no familiarity with that particular software package. I think my background helps me to convey information easily to colleagues, where that would help the team.”

Principal Structural Engineer Natalja Petkune came to the UK to complete undergraduate, postgraduate and a doctorate degree, after graduating from high school in Latvia. With WCS, Natalja, has taken on duties additional to her primary, engineering role. “I oversee the CPD – Continuing Professional Development – programme here, and I’m also an employee representative. We meet regularly, and anyone can offer comments or suggestions, and then I can bring them directly to [Managing Director] Asa Whitfield and others in the senior team. The team’s input is listened to and valued.”

WCS values

At WCS we pride ourselves on being an organisation where values are a means of strengthening the team and thus the service to our clients. “Everyone here should feel welcomed, and able to be who they are,” added Julie. “When that’s the case, you find that everyone feels able to contribute the most.” The company values of agility, collaboration and experience are fundamental to that strength and inclusivity at the heart of the WCS team, and ensure that any project variables are able to be met with an appropriate response, no matter the challenge.  

Tomasz echoed that sentiment: “Everyone has different experience and backgrounds, but when we join together, we build a really strong team, which is of the greatest benefit to our clients.”

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